Debra James Percival  
Artist Printmaker

The Spinning Printmaker


 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I work in the mediums: intaglio type, collagraph, monoprint, wood cut, polyester plate lithography, water based silkscreen, copper/aluminum etching.  My artwork is influenced by my zest for exploring possibilities through experimentation, playing with my imagined world and my physical world outdoors.  My love of the printmaking medium started with printing on fabric at College.  After graduating I started working on paper and I loved the idea of editioning an image with different colors, exploring the many possibilities with one image.   Collaging images and ideas is a big part of my work, and that is why Intaglio type printing is such a fascinating medium for me.

 I graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1984.  I have played with lots of possibilities, but my main passion since 1998 has been non-toxic printmaking. Working in the medium of non-toxic printmaking, enables me to work at home.  I do not need acids or solvents when printmaking.  I love painting and drawing directly on copper and aluminum plates when etching.  Playing with my photography, I collage photos to create new imagery to create Intaglio Type prints with ImagOn. During my college years I spent most of my time in textiles designing fabric in the weaving studio and printing and painting on fabric in the textile studio. Today I am still playing with lots of ink on paper and  reacquainting myself with my love of textiles.


Artist Non-Toxic Printmaker Debra James Percival

& The Spinning Printmaker